Our Beekeeping

These days, what you eat is becoming more and more important. Many people prefer organic products and healthy bee products which have been known for thousands of years are becoming popular again. Honey is one of the oldest foods known to man and is today, as it once was, one of the best quality food and medicines.

Therefore, we attach great importance to our beekeeping in order to produce healthy and residue-free honey.

We are working exclusively with herbal extracts and organic acids to prevent diseases in the beehive - based on recommendations from the Apiology Institute of Hohenheim university. This requires more labour input into our bee colonies, which we gladly accept.

The harvest and production of honey is painstakingly done by hand in order to the preserve the valuable ingredients of the honey. Thus, we are able to offer you selected high quality products only.

You can of course enjoy our honey in the hotel and restaurant, but we also sell all of our products in the Zeidlerstuben restaurant in the Berkheimer Hof hotel in Esslingen.