Our philosophy

The richness of our local cuisine always takes centre stage. Our seasonal menu is characterised by regionality that looks beyond the horizon.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the values of regionality and seasonality. Dishes on our menu labelled with the "BW Lion" stand for one commitment: the use of ingredients from local farms. We firmly believe that this not only protects the environment by keeping distances short, but also that the unique cultural landscapes of our region are utilised and preserved by our farmers.

Our aim is to put a piece of home on your plate. Juicy meat, fresh vegetables and crunchy fruit - all from regional production and with short transport routes. This connection to the region is reflected in every dish that we prepare with love and care.

And what would our cuisine be without the accompanying wines? Whether a full-bodied red wine that goes perfectly with our hearty dishes or a fruity, elegant white wine that emphasises the flavours of our dishes - the wines of Baden and Württemberg are indispensable accompaniments to our first-class cuisine. They represent the top quality and variety for which our region is renowned.

Outstanding wines thrive in Baden-Württemberg, where we are at home. This variety of wines, produced by countless outstanding winegrowers from Baden and Württemberg, offers a rich selection to discover every day. Our wine expertise is underpinned by the "House of Baden-Württemberger Wines" award, which recognises the quality of our wines.
In short, our philosophy revolves around the combination of a sense of home, seasonality and quality. We invite our guests to join us in discovering and enjoying the treasures of our region, from the harvest in the fields to the culinary delights at the table.
Our seasonal menu is characterised by regionality that looks beyond the edge of the plate. Experience it for yourself...

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